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Crystal Sprays

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A selection of some of our products

Beeswax Candles

Hand rolled beeswax candles in a variety of sizes in over 30 colours.

Dried Botanicals

More herbs and resins than you could ever want!

Loose Incense

Hand blended magical loose incense for every occasion and need.

Magical Sprays

Energetic blends of floral waters, crystal and flower essence and pure essential oils.

Starter Kits, Packs and Boxes

Altar Packs, Energy Clearing Kits and more!

Witches Charm Pouches

Release your inner Witch with our broad range of magical Witches Charm Pouches.

Hand Blended Herbal Teas

Made using dried natural botanicals including fruits, berries, roots, barks, leaves and flowers. Natural and delicious! Check out the range here.

Magical Loose Incense

With a wide selection of blends - we are sure you'll find plenty of choices to fulfil your customers magical and energetic needs.

View our Loose Incenses.

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Connect with the energy of the Sacred Isle of Avalon with this blend.

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Whether you are working in a Coven or just a group - this blend will enhance your group bond and energy.

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Our blend of incense used to assist with Astral Projection and altered dream states.

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